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September 2, 2006

Michael Gehring discovered several potential out-of-bounds index accesses in GTetrinet (CVE-2006-3125). GTetrinet 0.7.10 has been released with a patch to fix this, plus a few other minor changes. There are several translation updates too, including new Finnish and Nepali contributions.

As you can tell, GTetrinet development has come to a halt lately, due to time constraints or lost interest. If you think you can help, please subscribe to the mailing list and tell us about your ideas.


April 29, 2005

GTetrinet 0.7.9 has finally been released. It includes a long awaited fix for the handling encodings of data coming from the server, which will allow people to see messages correctly when using a UTF-8 locale. There are also fixes for a crash in the channel list parsing code and for some network performance problems. As always, the translators have been busy and added or updated some translations. Enjoy!


December 26, 2004

They say this is the time for miracles. Well, GTetrinet 0.7.8 is released, so there might be some truth in that after all! The main change in this release is the addition of Loren's Blocktrix patch, which will allow you guys to play on without having to do any extra patching. There are, additionally, a bunch of new translations. Happy blockbombing!


October 24, 2004

As many will have noticed, has changed the protocol slightly, making GTetrinet unusable with the most popular tetrinet server out there. Loren Abrams has created a patch which adds minimal support for the protocol additions. Until the patch is accepted and a new GTetrinet is pushed to the ftp servers, you're encouraged to apply the patch and, if you have any problem while using it, send comments to the Bugzilla bug report #156178.


April 18, 2004

automake apparently generated a tarball which had problems to unpack on some boxes with older versions of tar. GTetrinet 0.7.7 has been released to correct this. There are no code or translation changes.


April 16, 2004

Welcome to the new GTetrinet website! We're proud to show you the result of months of hard work (ehem). This couldn't be possible without the help of our friend Belén Albeza who volunteered to redesign the old webpage :-) Lots of thanks and hugs to you! Also, check the themes section where we have uploaded a bunch of themes :-) (and this time the links work)

But we have more good news :-) We've just released GTetrinet 0.7.6! We've fixed another keyboard bug, we've enabled the resizing button in the main GTetrinet window (which means that you'll be able to maximize GTetrinet) and we've added a new button in the Preferences dialog that will bring you directly to the Themes section of this web :-)

And of course, there are also new and updated translations: Norwegian, Croatian, Irish, Brazilian Portuguese, British English, Canadian English, Welsh, Catalan, Swedish, Czech, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, French and Spanish.

Update: Something in our system seems to be broken, so if you find problems unpacking the released tarball, please try with this one. We'll do another release when we find out what's going on.


October 5, 2003

GTetrinet 0.7.5 has been released. There are not many changes in these release, but development had slowed down and we wanted to release the few fixes that we had on CVS. We have yet another improvement for azerty keyboard users (one day, you French people explain us how you can be productive with those) and a bit of HIG love in various dialogs. There's a new Azerbaijani translation, and Polish and Japanese were updated.

Don't expect much from GTetrinet in the next weeks. Everyone seems to be busy right now, so not a lot is happening... if you want to help, please contact us at our mailing list.


August 29, 2003

To make the end of Summer vacation a bit less painful, the GTetrinet team has released version 0.7.4 for your gaming pleasure! This is again a minor revision, which fixes a few keyboard-related bugs, makes some minor usability improvements to some dialogs and disables the channel list by default to avoid more people having problems on non-standard servers. Of course, there are tons of translation updates, of which Polish, Malay and Welsh are new translations. Have fun!


June 23, 2003

GTetrinet 0.7.3 has been released. It's a very small update, with little changes over 0.7.2: merging of connect and disconnect buttons, fix the path to the gtetrinet icon which was broken in 0.7.2 and a fix to a little annoying bug in the keyboard handler which could make GTetrinet beep while playing.


June 7, 2003

GTetrinet 0.7.2 is out! There's some UI and usability improvements, like new icons for the toolbar, the merge of the start & stop buttons, or the hidden mouse pointer while playing. Some new keyboard shortcuts have been added, as well as the ability to configure the attack/defense keys. Of course, there's tons of new and updated translations, thanks to the GNOME i18n crew.


April 14, 2003

We have released GTetrinet 0.7.1, a maintenance release for 0.7.0. The biggest thing is the new configuration option to disable the channel list feature, which should help people having problems on servers with a non-supported /list format. Support for the Java Tetrinet server and TetriDome has been added too, as well as other minor bugfixes. Thanks to the GNOME translators, there are new or updated translations, too. Have fun!


February 7, 2003

Sigh... forget about 0.6.1, it had a (trivial) error which would make its compilation fail. Please use 0.6.2 instead.


February 7, 2003

We have done a quick 0.6.1 release to solve some segfaults on startup that could happen on some situations. Apart from that, there's nothing else noteworthy in this release.
On another note, some people have been mailing feedback regarding GTetrinet to me directly. The prefered contact address for GTetrinet is, which reaches all the people involved in GTetrinet development. Thanks!


February 4, 2003

GTetrinet 0.6.0 is now available for download! There nothing too exciting as the changes are mostly internal, but we can highlight the port to GConf for storing GTetrinet settings and a fix for a stupid bug which made sound not work at all. As we said, we've been using GNOME cvs for a while now and we're quite satisfied with it. The most visible side effect of this are the new Amharic, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish translations, with more to come. Enjoy!


January 24, 2003

We're proud to announce that GTetrinet is now being hosted by GNOME's resources. This means we finally have a mailing list, a CVS repository and a Bugzilla product set up for us.
If you're interested in helping GTetrinet, feel free to subscribe to gtetrinet-list. We also try to be around #gtetrinet on
From now on, the SourceForge bug tracker, patch manager, feature requester and CVS repository are obsolete and will not be used by developers anymore. Please use the new facilities to contact us instead. For now, the webpage will stay at this same spot, but we plan moving to some other place too sooner or later.
We'd like to thank the GNOME Project and specially Greg LeBlanc for allowing us in and setting everything up.

Jordi, James and Dani

January 11, 2003

0.5.2 has been released! It includes a fix from Ian Zink for the "segfault on connect" bug some people were experiencing, and a few other improvements, like better error messages for failed connections, or improved key handling. Some other minor fixes were fixed, and we believe 0.5.2 will be quite stable for everyone.
Following up on the previous news item, we have now decided to move to GNOME cvs in the following days. We'll keep this webpage updated about it, but all new development should happen in the (still not created) gtetrinet module at Also, and if nothing goes very wrong with 0.5.2, the next version will be 0.6.0, and will use the GConf system for storing the configuration. This will probably take some time to get done, as bocata and I will be busy with exams until mid February. We, of course, always accept patches, anyway. :)


January 6, 2003

It appears 0.5.0 wasn't as good as it could have been and it crashed quite easily on some systems, so we have prepared this quick 0.5.1 release. We recommend that you upgrade to this version!
On another note, we plan to move GTetrinet from SourceForge to in the near future, so stay tuned.


January 5, 2003

We are pleased to announce the release of GTetrinet 0.5.0, the first GNOME 2 port of GTetrinet. Much work and time has been put on this release, and we hope you like it as much as we do. Besides the port, there are afew other improvements, like automatic page switching when games start and end, or improvements in the handling of dialogs.
Note: as every other GNOME2 app, GTetrinet now stores its configuration in ~/.gnome2. If you want to keep your old settings, move your ~/.gnome/gtetrinet to ~/.gnome2/gtetrinet.
Special thanks go to James Antill and Dani Carbonell. Without their help, this release would have never happened.


December 2, 2002

We silently released GTetrinet 0.5.0pre1, which intended to be a test release for the GNOME 2 port. The problem is that we probably were too silent, and nobody noticed. Anyway, there it is. There are a few things missing, like a fix for text widget slowness and possibly usage of gconf keys for the prefs before the final version is released. Please try to break it, and send feedback to James Antill, Bastien Nocera and Jordi Mallach. Any kind of patch is welcome, too.


October 27, 2002

GTetrinet 0.4.4 has been released, and you should upgrade RIGHT AWAY. Steve Kemp and James Antill discovered several grave security problems in previous versions of GTetrinet, which are remotely exploitable if you connected toa malicious tetrinet server. The new version hopefully fixes all of these buffer overflows, so it's the only recommended version right now.


October 21, 2002

We lied, and released 0.4.3, which is still based on GNOME 1.4. This version picks up a number of patches that people have sent in. The most noticeable changes are the new IPv6 support from Cougar and the people at and James Antill's patches with enhancements for the attack/defense dialog, and more. If you want to contribute patches or translations, please send them to Jordi Mallach and Bastien Nocera too, as we're now helping Ka-shu with GTetrinet development.


October 17, 2002

Yes, just when you thought GTetrinet was abandonware, version 0.4.2 sees the light!
There some new features in this release, like i18n support, documentation and some fixes for some of the annoying things in the previous versions.
Bigger news is that 0.4.2 is hopefully the last release for GNOME 1.4. The port to GNOME 2 is now starting and will be released as GTetrinet 0.5.


November 4, 2001

I'm still here. GTetrinet 0.5 will get there, eventually. Development code is available via Sourceforge CVS.


July 3, 2000

GTetrinet has moved to SourceForge! The development tree is now available via CVS - see the project page at SourceForge for details.
As well as this, GTetrinet 0.4.1 has been released. This new release includes a number of bug fixes, including the bug which allowed remote players to crash GTetrinet.


December 21, 1999

GTetrinet 0.4 released! This release includes lots of bug fixes, plus support for the spectator feature present in Tetrinet-X servers with the qirc patch by Drslum. Download.


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